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Electric cargo bike

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Electric cargo bike

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Bicycle specifications

  • Brand: Urban Arrow
  • Gears: Enviolo stepless
  • Engine: Bosch
  • Battery: 418 Wh
  • Range: 45 km – 75 km

Rental prices

  • 3 hours: €31.99
  • 1 day: €43.99


  • 3 hours: €16.00
  • 1 day: €21.75

Want to rent an electric cargo bike in Amsterdam?

Black Bikes is the expert in the field of rental bicycles in Amsterdam. With 17 different rental locations spread across Amsterdam, you can easily find a bicycle rental location near you. And you can return your rental bike at any of these locations.

We also have a location in the center of Utrecht, Haarlem and The Hague. This allows us to give you even more flexibility and convenience in the Randstad.

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Advantages of a rental bicycle

With our rental bikes you can discover all of Amsterdam and other cities in the most fun way. This way you determine where you go, where you want to stop and the pace at which you explore the area. So no worries about the costs of a taxi or the waiting times with public transport. In addition, our staff ensures that all rental bicycles are in excellent condition.


• 3 hours: € 16,00
• 24 hours: €21,75

Rental necessities

A valid proof of identity (passport or European identity card, no driver’s license). A credit card authorization of €500 is required per e-bike.

Extra information

There is no hop-on drop-off option for electric cargo bikes. Instead, an electric cargo bike must be picked up and returned at the same location.

Everything about cycling with an electric cargo bike

Urban Arrow Family is a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance that allows you to maneuver your children safely and quickly through the city. The bike has a light aluminum frame and is easily manoeuvrable, allowing you to zigzag smoothly through traffic.

Cycling without worries. The lowered seating position of the children ensures a lower center of gravity. This has a positive effect on the handling and balance that you experience with the Family. A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety during the ride. The expanded polypropylene (EPP) container forms a barrier around your most precious possession and anyone who zooms past you.

Everything has been thought of. We have put together a selection of accessories by listening carefully to our riders.

With ease, everything in the box! The Urban Arrow Family cargo bike offers more than enough space. You can easily transport two children in the box and install a car seat or extra bench without losing valuable space. A fourth passenger can fit on the rear carrier and there is always room for extra luggage.

The distance you can drive with one battery charge depends on a number of factors. Our cargo bike is equipped with a 400Wh battery.

Average range per battery:

• 400 Wh: 45 – 75 km

What is the range of an electric bicycle?

The range of an e-bike is the maximum number of kilometers you can cycle before your battery is empty. The more electricity the battery can store, the further you can cycle with pedal assistance.

What factors influence the range?

There are various factors that influence the range of an electric bicycle. You have control over a number of factors. Determining the range naturally starts with your choice of bicycle and battery. Then you need to take the following factors into account:

• Weather conditions;
• Resistance: the tire pressure and the quality of the road;
• Weight of your e-bike;
• Age of the battery;
• Your average speed on the e-bike;
• Engine support level;
• Efficient switching;
• Sensor type: e-bikes with a pedal force sensor are more economical than e-bikes with a rotation sensor.