Tandem Bike Rental in Utrecht

Tandem Bike Rental in Utrecht .

Rent a cargo bike at our rental location in the heart of Utrecht and explore the city’s historic centre, charming canals, and beautiful parks in the most enjoyable way for couples and families.

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Vredenburg 29 (opposite Tivoli Vredenburg)
3511 BC

Opening times

Weekdays: 08:30 a.m.-18:30 p.m.
Weekends: 09:00 a.m.-18:00 p.m.

Rent a tandem bike in Utrecht

Are you looking for a tandem bike rental in Utrecht? Look no further than Black Bikes! Our bike rental location in Utrecht offers many options to suit your needs, including tandems and cargo bikes. Whether you’re exploring the city with your partner, a friend, or a family member, our tandem bikes are the perfect choice.

Why rent a duo bike?

  • More enjoyable experience for couples and families: Riding a tandem bike is a unique and enjoyable way to explore Utrecht together. Share the excitement of cycling and create unforgettable memories as you pedal through the city’s charming streets and picturesque landscapes.
  • Efficient transportation: Utrecht is known for its cycling infrastructure, and a tandem bike allows you to navigate the city efficiently. Save time and effortlessly reach your destinations while enjoying the company of your riding partner. It’s a convenient and enjoyable mode of transportation.
  • Better communication: Riding a tandem bike requires good communication and teamwork. It’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond with your partner or friend as you coordinate your movements and enjoy a synchronized ride. Enhance your connection while exploring Utrecht’s attractions.
  • Perfect for sightseeing: Utrecht boasts a wealth of stunning landmarks and attractions. With a tandem bike, you can comfortably explore these sights together. Cruise along the city’s canals, visit historical sites, and discover hidden gems, all while sharing the experience with your riding companion.

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Explore Utrecht on a tandem bike

With a tandem bike, you have the perfect opportunity to discover all Utrecht offers. Visit the iconic Dom Tower, explore the vibrant city centre, or immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Utrecht’s parks and gardens. Enjoy a tandem bike’s freedom and flexibility for a truly memorable and scenic ride.

Why choose Black Bikes?

At Black Bikes, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality rental bikes. Our tandem bikes are well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for your adventure in Utrecht. As a part of the renowned bicycle expert Het Zwarte Fietsenplan, we bring you the expertise and reliability you can trust.

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