Kids tandem

In contrast to a regular adult tandem, with a kids tandem the person in the back steers. The front seat is smaller, so it is perfect for fitting a child.

Kids tandem rental

Tandem (kids)


3 hours € 17,50
24 hours € 27,50
2-4th day € 21,99
5th day & up € 16,99

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About kids tandems

The kids tandem is especially made for people with younger children, who are able to cycle but not yet alone. With the kids tandem you can discover Amsterdam on a bicycle without have to worry about the safety of your child. The child sits in front, while you can do all the steering from the back seat. The tandem provides unforgettable experiences.



There is a theft and damage insurance, which is 50% of the rental price.


Rental necessities


Valid ID & matching creditcard.



  • Handbrakes
  • 7 gears
  • Safety locks
  • 2 adjustable seats