black bikes.

Black Bikes is the biggest supplier of rental bikes in Amsterdam. Since 2005 we grew from a single shop, to 13 locations throughout the city. Below you'll find more information about the services & background of our company, and the charitable things we do.

What we do

Black Bikes is part of the Amsterdam-based “Het Zwarte Fietsenplan” bike stores. Every day our certified and professional mechanics repair, assist and guide Amsterdammers with the most precious item of their daily routine: the bicycle. We have been doing so for more than 10 years. Our staff has repaired over 300.000 bicycles…not counting our own rental bikes.


In our shops it’s possible to purchase bicyles, too. We stock a wide range of Dutch top brands such as; Gazelle, Batavus, Azor, Roetz, Sparta, Urban Arrow…. and so on…..Our employees can tell you a lot more about these bikes. We believe that visitors of Amsterdam deserve to experience this city of freedom on a Dutch hand-built black bike. Become one of the locals.


Black Bikes is owned by the company named Het Zwarte Fietsenplan. This is a big and well-known bicycle retailer in The Netherlands. Het Zwarte Fietsenplan only delivers high-quality bikes, that’s why all rental bikes of Black Bikes are handmade and high in quality.
Het Zwarte Fietsenplan is bicycle selling company since 2005. The company started with one shop and has 17 shops in The Netherlands right now, but it aims to grow even more. Black Bikes is also expanding its shops.
Black Bikes wants to make it easy for the consumer by placing shops in all areas. This way with our hop on drop off system our guests can enjoy our service in all directions.

Bike rental charity

All 13 Black Bike shops sell bottles that are designed to carry in your backpack. The bottles can be refilled for free at the taps in our bike rental shops. For each bottle purchased, a bottle will be send to a child in need in Africa. So you can support this charity while you’re on your holiday!