Black Bikes' sister company "het Zwarte Fietsenplan", is one of Amsterdam's most famous and respected bicycle chain stores. Looking to buy new or used bikes, or get yours repaired? With well over 300.000 repairs you might say we know something about bikes. Check out our stores across Amsterdam for the best service and prices.

Bike service & repairs

Black Bikes is the rental division of the “Het Zwarte Zwarte Fietsenplan” chainstore. This means bringing your bike for a repair or check-up gets you all “Zwarte Fietsenplan” benefits:


  • Dutch Cycle Association trained mechanics
  • More than 300.000 repairs done
  • Pick up in any store
  • Replacement bike
  • 7 days a week service & longest opening hours
  • Lowest prices
  • Delivery Mo / Su

Zwarte Fietsenplan

Bike repair