lease plan.

We set up a special plan for hotels, so you can set up your own rental service for your guests. Decide your price and conditions, and get full Black Bikes quality and service. Your guests will love it!

The Deal

  1. Full maintenance service
  2. No administration
  3. Dutch quality bikes, no screaming colors..the nice getaway
  4. Fixed price…biggest profit
  5. Repair & damage insurance by Black Bikes
  6. Every year bikes are replaced with brand new ones
  7. Try it…you can start with 1 bike and compare

Choose your package

  • Cortina U1, 3 gear handbrake bike
  • Black Bikes pedal brake bike

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    ”Experience Amsterdam like an Amsterdammer. Use Black Bikes!”

     Sjaak Espinosa 
     Hotel V Fizeaustraat
    Pedal brak bikeCortina 3 Gears