You just rented an authentic Black Bike! In this flyer we provide you some tips about cycling in the city, locking your bike and information about the insurance package, so you can ride your bike around without any worries.

Let’s start!

With a strong handmade frame produced in the Netherlands, our rental bike comes with two high quality locks, premium puncture resistance tires and an all-weather reliable roller brake system.

Our desire is to provide you the best experience on a bike, so you can enjoy our beautiful city riding smoothly around.

Look for the bike parking spots!

Park the bike only on a designated bike parking, bike rack or indoor parking facility, using the chain and frame lock together. Then, make sure you keep the key of the bike in a safe place.

Don’t park your bike in the middle of the pavement or any of the main areas in the city center such as, Central Station, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein orLeidseplein; if you do park the bikes in these areas and not on a parking, the bike will be removed by the city authorities.

What if my bike gets broken or stolen?

When you don’t follow our parking instructions, the bike can get stolen or you can lose the keys. We provide all-risk damage insurance and theft insurance that covers a big part of the costs from the bike. If your bike is broken, bring it to the nearest Black Bikes shop.



Always use two hands. 

  1. Turn the key.  
  2. Push down the lever/knob. 
  3. Now you can take the key out. 


Option 1: Chain lock

  1. Turn the key. 
  2. Pull one of the plugs out.
  3. Attach the front side of the bicycle to a designated parking/bike rack.

Option 2: Frame lock with plug in chain

  1. The chain goes around a bike rack and back through the eye/circle. 
  2. Push the pin inside the frame-lock until you hear a click.
  3. The bicycle is now locked with 2 locks.