Debido al Día del Rey, todas nuestras tiendas estarán cerradas el 27 de abril.

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Razones por las que alquilar en BlackBikes

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  • Las mejores bicis de la ciudad

    Todas nuestras bicicletas de alquiler están fabricadas a mano en Holanda.

  • Horarios de apertura más largos

    Abierto entre semana de 8 de la mañana a 8 de la noche. Los fines de semana de 9 de la mañana a 7 de la tarde.

  • La mejor forma de explorar Haarlem.

    El tamaño de Haarlem es ideal para hacer una ruta en bici.

  • Alquiler totalmente asegurado

    Seguro total de daños y robo a partir de sólamente 3 euros.

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Bicicleta de Hombre

Desde 9€

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Bicicleta de Freno de pedal

Desde 6€

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Bicicleta pequeña (24 pulgadas)

Desde 9€

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Bicicleta de niño

Desde 6€

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Críticas de Tripadvisor

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“Good flexible company”

Black bikes provide good quality bikes and organisation. Fair price and flexible over our timing. Insurance and locks additional and mandatory cost. Multiple locations to drop off bikes. Choice of back pedal brakes or handle bar brakes. Latter cost more. Back pedal easy to use.

  – Juliette G on Tripadvisor[/slide][slide id=”” class=”” style=””]

“Affordable Bike Rental”

The rental was affordable and the bike quality was good. I was not told how to adjust the bike seat, and they were out of baskets, but otherwise everything was fine.

  – Demi W on Tripadvisor[/slide][slide id=”” class=”” style=””]

“Highly Recommended”

Amsterdam is a city that you can see every part easily with a simple bike. They are here for this. Prices are cool and the bikes are well usable. You sign up online easily with a computer make your payment take your bike and go. If you are staying at the center, i highly recommend renting a bike. Car parking is very very expensive and they have strict rules.

  – turaccii on Tripadvisor[/slide][/slider][/vc_column][/vc_row]