cargo bike.

A cargo bike, but then different! In stead of a bland box in the front, this bicycle is outfitted with the ultimate Dutch footwear. Don't miss it!

Clog cargo bike rental

Cargo bike


3 hours € 17,50
24 hours € 27,50
2-4th day € 21,99
5th day & more € 16,99

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About clog cargo bikes


The clog cargo bike is similar to a regular cargo bike. But this one doesn’t have a box in front but a clog! Ride around in this classic piece of Dutch design. Ideal for riding around with small children and a lot of fun!


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There is a theft and damage insurance, which is 50% of the rental price.


Rental necessities


Valid ID & matching creditcard.



  • Handbrakes
  • 7 gears
  • Safety kick-stand
  • 2 high quality locks